Here’s the Date MMM Will Crash in Nigeria – Millionaire Analysis

On MMM, Focus and fighting for your dreams.

This post is not me hating on MMM.

Even if I did, I owe no one any apology.

I won’t even pretend to be neutral and sniff out, “life is a risk, so take risk” propaganda.

I’m worried about the future of our youth and dear country.

I fear for what kind of people we are turning into.

The way people (Nigerians) are going about this MMM amazes me.

Every man, woman, boy, girl, market man and woman. On every street and high way people are singing the praise of MMM.


Everybody is now MMM evangelist. There’s no event or party you’d attend without meeting someone who is aggressively evangelizing it.

A lot of young people have lost focus of their vision in life.

There’s no passion to be and do more.

No passion to add value and change lives.

They don’t care about what the future holds as long as MMM pays them to fufil their greed and momentary pleasure.

“Any how maga go pay. Make you flex life jorh”

Young people where are we going to?

I read a story of Strive Masiyiwa who was offered a brilliant opportunity to work with McDonald and trash his dream of owning a mobile communication company. It was a tough decision for him because as of that time he was broke and could barely pay his child’s school fees.

He thought about the opportunity, called his friend and unapologetically declined it.

Though it was a tough decision for him, he took that decision for himself, for his family and the thousands of people that would be employed in his company 25 years later.

After, 25 years that his friend who was working with McDonald is now retired and can not measure up to what Strive has achieved.

What’s my point?

If you must be successful in life, you must learn and practice how to be focused.

Focus is one of the keys to success.

Not every life changing opportunity will change your life. I’ve said that a thousand times.

I understand that MMM is paying you and you’re probably building houses with it and buying cars but where will you be in 25 years?

What will you show to the world? Old buildings? Outdated cars?

What asset or legacy will you show in 25 years?

You’re laughing at that guy who is busy building a brand, hustling and pursuing his passion.

You think you’re smart. You’ve convinced yourself that you’re taking risk.

A lot of people have been consumed by their drive to make money from any ponzi scheme that shows his ugly head that they’ve forgotten about doing any other thing for their lives.

I no longer read news of young people building businesses, creating something life changing or making any scientific breakthrough.

What I see is a group of NFA’s campaigning for MMM and other ponzi schemes.

The other day someone introduced me to a scheme that pays 100% ROI.

Seriously? 100%

What will you hold onto when MMM is no more?

What legacy and asset are you building?

You think making money is as easy as throwing some few naira into a box and waiting for 30 days for it to grow?

It’s funny how Nigerians put in their life into something they can never build.

They consume and never produce. They are good in celebrating other people’s work but will never sit to do theirs.

I ask again what will you be or have in 25 years?

Will you be a retired McDonald staff or a Phenomenal life-transforming Strive Masiyiwa?

Your 25 years has started, how long shall you continue chasing a butterfly?

As for you who is pursuing his dreams, don’t stop.

You’re broke and pathetic now but go on.

I understand your friends are living big now and you think something is wrong with you.

Let’s wait for 25 years.

I know there’s that temptation to chase after every shiny object and do whatever it takes to make money, bro look at the bigger picture.

It’s just 25 years!

Don’t lose focus.

Don’t chase butterflies!

Keep chasing your dreams because your dreams are valid.

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