How To Get The Official Jamb Original Admission Letter

I sincerely hope you fully understand what the JAMB ORIGINAL ADMISSION LETTER is?
Okay, we will tell you in simply terms, and also explain in full details, what jamb original admission letter is.
An Original JAMB Admission letter is a document which officially certifies that you have been offered provisional admission into any degree programme in a Nigerian Higher Institution of your choice.

An Original Jamb Admission letter contains information about the following,

  1. The school you were offered admission, the faculty/school/college, department,
  2. The degree you are pursuing,
  3. The duration of the course.

Also be aware that without the jamb original admission letter, you cannot authentically prove to any body that you were offered admission into any higher institution in Nigeria.
As the Name suggests, this document is only issued by JAMB, which we all know as the official Educational board in Nigeria for admission into any Tertiary Institution in Nigeria.
Advantages and Uses Of Jamb Original Admission Letter

The JAMB Admission Letter is very important as it is always required if:

1. you need to successfully complete your admission registration and clearance process before being admitted to any academic institution in Nigeria.

2. you will also need the JAMB ORIGINAL ADMISSION LETTER, before you can be approved and deployed for the National Youth Service Programme (NYSC).

3. you will also need the JAMB ORIGINAL ADMISSION LETTER to successfully apply for any scholarship.
Because 90% of Organizations offering scholarships to Nigeria Students always request for the letter.

4. As a student, you also need the jamb original admission letter to process your Travel Abroad documents.

Surely, the few reasons which we shared above are concrete enough as to why you need the jamb letter.
The JAMB admission letter is exceptionally important for your success in your academic pursuit, so you can see the need why you need the Letter at your very finger tips.

The Original JAMB Admission letters, starting from the 2006 to 2013 are currently available online and We here in Dailyschoolnews will help get it for you, and send it to your email box, which will ensure that you WILL ALWAYS have the JAMB ORIGINAL LETTER available with you anytime, anyday or even anywhere, since it will be in your email.

The copy we are sending to your email box is Original. is also Approved by JAMB and has the following qualities.

1. The copy we’re sending is the Original Copy from JAMB and is accepted in any school or Organization, which includes Nigeria and other countries.

2. The JAMB ORIGINAL ADMISSION LETTER will be sent to your email box where you can reprint anytime and anywhere you are, without being afraid of it expiring.

3. No scratch card is required for re-printing the copy we will be sending to you.
This implies that you can Print the form hundreds of times.

4. The Admission letter will always be safe in your email box.
Even if you misplace or lost, loss the copy you printed out, simply log into your email box and reprint the original Copy we sent you.

How to Obtain your Admission letter From Dailyschoolnews

If you urgently require your JAMB Admission letter for admission, then we advice you to call us on any of the phone numbers shared below.
PLEASE note that  our working hours starts from 9am – 6pm.
Monday to Friday Only,


Dailyschoolnews always cares


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