How To Live a Successful Life in Campus – Campus Life Guidelines for all Students

Okay, here’s a puzzle, as an aspirant of your choice varsity, You’ve been praying and asking God for admission, right?
And now, you’ve been admitted, but the next huge question is:

• Dailyschoolnews .what can i do in school to score high grade?

• Who should be my friends? etc.

The truth is that most young people don’t really know their stand, when they get into campus, it is believed, that Campus life, is where you can live your life freely without anyone to scold you.
Most young admitted students believed that, when they are admitted into their school of choice, it is the period, which they are FINALLY FREE from their parents or guardian and get to meet so many people with different characters.

Like we do say, Dailyschoolnews always Care., We’ve compiled below, some useful tips/advice on how to stay safe in the university campus.

Guidelines and Tips to a Healthy Life in Campus .
1. Your first mindset should be, that you’re now an adult, and that you are to start thinking on YOUR OWN.
Be aware that as a newly admitted student, you should look out for a wonderful house of worship and get involved with their activities!.
You think i’m soundly parental, or just old school?
Well, i’m advising you, because in life God always comes first and with God you can achieve great things in life.
Like the popular slogans goes:
With God all things are possible!.
So without God, all thing will be?

do complete it yourself.

2nd Tip.
Please and Please, Please be careful of the friends you mingle with, be very careful of the kind of friends you keep in the campus, because your friends define you, birds of the same feathers flock together.

If you are keeping a criminal, cultist, etc friend, be prepared, because one day you will arrested for something you might have no knowledge of, and like the ageless proverb says:
show me your friends and i will tell you who you are.

3rd Tip.
Do note that as a newly admitted student, you are required and expected to have a good reading time table.
Please note that it is also required from you, to engage in extra classes so as to be ahead of your lecturers, it simply doesn’t hurt to read some hours.
Because in the next 4/5 years time, a high GP will be your reward.

4th Tip.
Please do make sure that you are aware of the kind of parties/shows you attend, we’re warning you, because some parties and shows only promotes cultism among others.

5th Tips.
This 5th tip is very controversial, since most people will argue it, but i’ll point it out plainly.

As a newly admitted student, You should be aware that keeping a girl friend or boy friend in school, will not only depreciates you as a student mentally, but it takes your time, strength, time to study, among others.

Keeping a relationship in the early phase of your campus life will introducing you to a whole lot of responsibilities that you are not yet ready for in life, you will need the special grace of God to stay away from this 5th tips to living a healthy campus life.

6th Tips.
Make sure, that you can be able to calculate your GP, so that you will be able to know when your performance in your academic studies is going smoothly or not, and for success in your exams your expected to read minimum, four hours a day.
Four hours out of your day(24 hours) gives you a whole 20 hours to spend in a single day.

Make sure that you schedule your time very Well.
Your destiny is in Your hands!.

I’m sure you know anyone who is in school now, or an aspirant seeking admission, please share this tips to him/her using the share buttons below.
It doesn’t hurt to help someone.

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